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FinanceController - Vehicle Loan Processing Software

FinanceController is an excellent Multi-User Windows based Desktop Vehicle Loan Processsing System developed in most advanced computer language C# for any business houses dealing in Vehicle Loans.This system is based on Client Server Architecture. It can used in an online environment with multiple branches sending the data to a centralized database server.

Master Module: Company Details and Software Configurations, Customer Applicant Master, CoBorrower and Guarantor Master, Loan Types and Loan Interest Slab Master, Employee, Department and Designations Masters..

Transaction Module: Loan Application, Loan Approval/Rejection, Loan Disbursal Entry, Loan Installments Recovery and Loan Closures. Keeping details of Insurance for all the vehicles financed. Keeping complete track of all cheques received, deposited, cleared or bounced. Issuing of Original and Duplicate NOC Letters. The system keeps the complete track of NOC Letters. The Loan can be transferred to new applicants if required. The provision of the loan transfer exist in the system. Loan Installment reminder can be sent through SMS or Emails. Demand Letters can be sent to Customer and Guarantor as well.

Reporting Module: Loan sanction chart, Total Loan issued chart, Daily Collection report, Loan Recovery Collection report, Penalty Chart, Issuing of NOC Letter, Complete Loan Agreement Ledger with every details of the loan, Defaulter List with different reporting parameters such as defaulting no. of days. Collection and Loan Disbursal summary, Consolidated Collection Report, Letter of Thanks, Loan Closure Letter, etc.

Security Module: Role Based Security Model, Define Role & assign permissions to the Role, Define Users and assign Role – Authorization to work on specific projects of sales and maintenance modules, Customize user permissions automatically assigned to the user through Role Assignment, Change password utility.

Configurable Settings & Utilities: Search Utility - Search any bill or receipt based on various criterias, Opening Balances for all accounting ledgers, Parameter definitions such as late fee percentage, Penalty Charges, period wise different interest slabs, cheque bouncing charges, processing charges, loan pre-closure charges, loan re-schedulement charges, loan statement charges, duplicate NOC charges etc. which is changeable by the user.

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