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System Migration & Data Conversion

System migration involves moving a set of instructions or programs, from one software platform to another, minimizing reengineering. Migration of systems can also involve system downtime, while the old system is replaced with a new one.

Migration can be from a mainframe computer to more open systems such as client server platforms, cloud environments. The motivation for this can be the cost savings. Migration can be simplified by tools that can automatically convert data from one form to another. There are also tools to convert the code from one platform to another to be either complied code or interpreted code. An alternative to converting the code is the use of software that can run the code from the old system on the new system. Migration may also be required when the hardware is no longer available for the system which was developed long ago.

System Migration process involves:

  • Data conversion: Data conversion is the conversion of computer data from one form to another.
  • Data migration: Data migration is the process of transferring computer data between storage types, formats etc. It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation. Data migration is usually performed programmatically to achieve an automated migration, freeing up human resources from tedious tasks.
  • Data transformation: data transformation converts a set of data values from the data format of a source data system into the data format of a destination data system
  • Software migration: It refers to migrating the software from one development environment to different development environment.
  • Software modernization: It refers to the conversion, rewriting or porting of a legacy system to a modern computer programming language, software libraries, protocols, or hardware platform.