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Vision, Mission & Values


We want to be the best IT Solutions Provider Company with Service, Teamwork, Efficeincy, Performance and Better Solutions Everyday !


Develop and provide Intelligent, Interactive and Scalable software products applying advance technologies to our valued customers along with complete technical support to their utmost satisfaction and employee motivation with emphasis on the continuous improvement upon the business process of our customers.


Our values are extremely important to us. These form the bedrock of our vision and plans…


To deliver customer satisfaction and exceed expectations


To be the best place to work for the best people


To be the team that people trust


To be the best place to work for the best people


To set the industry standard and add milestones of success

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SocietyBiz.NET ERP - is a Multi Society Multi Projects group housing society software. A housing society or apartment associations is a situation popular in India with a group of house owners within a residential complex, usually one consisting of buildings that each have flats. A housing society's apartments or premises are formed as per relevant laws for smooth functioning of utilities and other amenities provided to them. The housing society formed must be formally registered with registrar of co-operatives. In India each state has its own rules in this regard. Each building in same premises may have separate housing society or one. Many housing societies form one federation. Housing societies run on the service charges levied by them on house or flat owners. Some of the housing societies in Mumbai are cash rich, having millions of rupees in their bank account. The Managing Committee takes care of the affairs of the Housing Society like appointment of service providers, maintenance of Society premises, solving member's greivances, maintenance of books of accounts and taking care of safety and security. SocietyController software helps the housing society to manage all these operations. Housing Society Software records all the occupant’s information like Name, Address, Contact, and Members in family, Membership details taken in society, Automobile details and many more. Read More →