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Digisoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has vast experience in development of custom software solutions and specialization in the software development of cooperative society software. Throughly analyzing your business needs, industry and product, we deliver tailor-made cost-effective, scalable and robust solutions. Digisoft is a leading software development company based in delhi, India. Digisoft offers complete end-to-end and cost-effective custom software development solutions using the most advanced software platforms and technologies in projects including web application and design to customers from the small and medium enterprise. Digisoft is a pioneer in the software development for credit cooperative society, Nidhi Mutual Benefit Company and Prodcuer Company and are able to take care of software development projects from all enterprises. Digisoft has been involved in the software development for all types of society, credit cooperative society, group housing society, multi-purpose multi-state society and agricultural society.

What is Cooperative Society & the best Software to manage it ?

A cooperative or "co-op" society is an association of individuals having common needs who join hands for the achievement of common economic interest and voluntarily cooperate for their mutual benefits, social cooperations and cultural benefits. A co-operative society is a legal entity owned and democratically controlled by its members. It can be formed under the Co-operative Societies Act, 1912, with a minimum of ten members. A Cooperative society is a group of people who joins their hand to cooperate each other and works for the betterment of society. The cooperative society could be group housing society, credit cooperative society, agricultural cooperative society, mututal benefit society, credit and thrift society and Non Agri Cooperative Thrift & Credit Society. Hybrids Societies where worker cooperatives are also consumer cooperatives or credit unions. Multi State, Multi Purpose, Multi Stake Holders cooperative societies brings together the civil society and local residents together to deliver community needs. Individuals forming the cooperative societies are called members. There are two types of members Associate Member and Equity Share Holder members. These members can be individual or firms. Its aim is to serve the interest of the poorer sections of society through mutual help. Membership of co-operative societies is voluntary and open to all. The main motive is to provide service to the members. It works on the principle of self help through mutual cooperation of members. SocietyBiz Software is a specialized software for all Cooperative Societies and is the best suited for credit cooperative society, nidhi mutual benefit company or society, group housing cooperative society and agricultural cooperative society such as producer companies and Thrift & Credit Society.

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